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Closing the Gap Between Education and Career: A Study of Arts Entrepreneurship Curricula

Olson, Anna M (2018-05)
Arts Entrepreneurship is a relatively new field that has been growing steadily the past thirty years. There is still much debate over a specific definition of Arts Entrepreneurship, however the purpose and goals of Arts ...

Museums: Make / Matter

Covey Spanier, Katie (2018-05)
The primary aim of many American university art museums (also known as teaching or campus museums) is to create a space that is removed from the pressures of the commercial art world where students, artists, community ...

How do Small Community-Based Arts Nonprofits in the Twin Cities Struggle or Flourish?

Raarup, Rosa; White, Lauren (2020-06)
This study focuses on the question, What factors are present, or absent, in Twin Cities community-based arts nonprofits that correlate with their flourishing or struggling? This inquiry is important to the sector because ...

Being Neighborly: How One Museum Looks Beyond its Walls to Build Community

Butler, Brenda F (2020-06)
It is common for museums to be geographically located in urban neighborhoods with neighbors who do not visit. Museums make efforts to engage with their communities through programming to establish relationships with ...

Museums that make noise. Looking into the future of the Schubert Club Museum

D'Ambrosio, Viola (2019-12)
Changing demographics are reshaping the role of museums within communities across the United States and how they define relevance. Although museums are currently seeking ways to create meaningful experiences for museum-goers, ...