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The Statesman was the University of Minnesota Duluth student newspaper from February 26, 1947, through September 2017. This title was preceded by the Fortnightly Chronicle (September 6, 1932 - February 5, 1947) and the News Sheet (February 19, 1932 - June 6, 1932) and followed by The Bark (October 2017 - ). Variations on the Statesman title include the Statesman, the Duluth Statesman, the UMD Statesman, the UM Duluth Statesman, and others, all included here.

By January 2016 (if not earlier), some content from the student newspaper was published online and was not included in the print issues. Approximately 227 individual Statesman articles from January 2016 through April 2017 that were originally published online are included in this collection. Additional individual Statesman articles that were originally published online from May 2016 through September 2017 are still available on the Statesman Archives website. Some online content is also available at the Statesman Archive-It web archive.

Current online content published by The Bark can be found on The Bark website. A web archive of online content published by The Bark can also be viewed at The Bark Archive-It web archive.

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