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About the Data Repository

The Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM), run by the University Libraries, is a place for U of M affiliates to share, publish, and preserve your digital data for long-term access and future use. Benefits include:

  • Flexible Access Options: Make your data immediately accessible to all, or moderate access to your data upon request.
  • Long-term access: Persistent links and identifiers (DOIs) make it easy for others to cite your data.
  • Analytics: Track how often your data are viewed and downloaded.
  • Meet Grant Requirements: Comply with federal mandates for data management planning (DMP) and sharing (see a list on our Managing Your Data website).
  • Digital Preservation: Digital (bit-level) preservation strategies and archival storage protect your data from corruption and loss.
  • Maximize Reusability: Our data experts will consult with you to ensure that your data are in a format and structure that best facilitates long-term access, discovery, and reuse.

Upload Your Data

To get started, determine if your data are ready to upload by reviewing the criteria below. If you need help, contact your subject librarian or use the tools available on our Managing Your Data website. Once you are ready, sign-in and begin uploading your data to the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota collection. A data curator will email you with any questions about your upload and next steps within two working days. Read more about our curation services.

Before You Submit

U of M researchers may submit data to the Data Repository for U of M (DRUM) subject to the following submission criteria:

  • Data must be authored by at least one University of Minnesota researcher with an active U of M Internet ID.
  • Data must be non-restricted data that DO NOT contain any private, confidential, or other legally protected information (e.g., personal identifiable information). See the University Policy and Security Classifications for Private Data.
  • Data must be deposited for open access. Authors will have the option of restricting access for a maximum of two years (see our End-user access policy).
  • Data are digital, and each file must not exceed 150 GB. Larger data files are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to discuss larger data sets.
  • Data must include adequate documentation describing the nature of the data at an appropriate level for purposes of reuse and discovery. All data receive curatorial review and data that are incomplete or not ready for reuse may not be accepted in to the repository.
  • The data should be in a final or published state. For active or changing data, use a U of M storage solution listed on the IT@UMN website.
  • Data should consist of original and unique data that cannot be easily reproduced or acquired elsewhere.

Larger or out-of-scope data may be considered for projects with federal grant funding requirements. Please contact the DRUM staff with specific inquiries.