Jacques Callot's Miseres de la guerre as narrative: 18 etchings from 1633

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Jacques Callot's Miseres de la guerre as narrative: 18 etchings from 1633

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Cherbuliez, Juliette


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The etcher/engraver Jacques Callot printed the second state of Les Misères et malheurs de la guerre in 1633. These images are in the public domain and the originals are held by Minneapolis Institute of Art. They are presented here in their entirety and in order, because viewing them together and as an ordered series shows that they form a narrative. It is being released now in advance of publication of my more extensive findings.


Additional information about these etchings can be found in the Minneapolis Institute of Art's online collection portal. The accession numbers for the etchings are consecutively ordered from P.1,357 for the title page to P.1,374 for image 18.

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Cherbuliez, Juliette. (2020). Jacques Callot's Miseres de la guerre as narrative: 18 etchings from 1633. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM), https://doi.org/10.13020/03an-x606.
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MISERES PRINTS.pdfPDF of all 18 prints6.28 MB
1PagedeTitre.jpg1. Miseres5.27 MB
2enrolement.jpg2. Enrollment5.1 MB
3Bataille.jpg3. Battle5.3 MB
4MaraudeInn.jpg4. Mauraders at the Inn5.03 MB
5ravageviol.jpg5. Ravaging a home6.01 MB
6Monastere.jpg6. Monastery5.6 MB
7Villagebrule.jpg7. Burning Village5.6 MB
8voyageurs.jpg8. Forest Ambush5.51 MB
9arret.jpg9. Arrest5.56 MB
10Strappado.jpg10. Strappado5.22 MB
11Arbrependus.jpg11. Hanging Tree5.08 MB
12Arquebusade.jpg12. Firing Squad4.7 MB
13bucher.jpg13. Pyre5.33 MB
14Roue.jpg14. The Wheel5.04 MB
15Hopital.jpg15. The Hospital5.3 MB
16Mendiantsmourants.jpg16. Roadside Deaths5.28 MB
17vengencePaysans.jpg17. Revenge of the Peasants5.82 MB
18Reconnaissance.jpg18. Recognition and Recompense5.78 MB

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