Race-Mixing and Victimization

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Race-Mixing and Victimization

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This thesis employs statistical modeling to answer research questions on the topic of race-mixing (interracial marriage and sex) and crime victimization. First, I used event history analysis of historical data from 1620 through 1959 to examine predictors of the passage of anti-miscegenation laws, with State Identity emerging most consistently as an important factor. Then I used logistic regression of the National Crime Victimization Survey 1992-2019 to test the hypothesis that victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) in mixed-race relationships have a lower risk of reporting their assault to the police compared to victims of IPV in same-race relationships, and found support for it. Finally, I analyzed the data from Wave 1 (1994-1995) of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health), and found support for my hypotheses that mixed-race students are less-centrally located in their social networks than single-race students (though not for all centrality measures), and also at higher risk of victimization, even after controlling for centrality.


University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. ---2023. Major: Sociology. Advisor: David Knoke. 1 computer file (PDF); vi, 109 pages.

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