Children: a place for their care in Suburbia…comfort, spirit, wonder and understanding.

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Children: a place for their care in Suburbia…comfort, spirit, wonder and understanding.

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This project searches to develop a special place for children – a place for discovery of both themselves and their surroundings; a place to feel a level of comfort and security that allows for inner peace, leading to thought, growth and development - both physical and emotional. To do this, this project is generated not as much from a formal architectonic viewpoint, but rather from shaping an environment based on human behavior and needs. Such an environment for children welcomes human contact and enables a sense of community at many levels; within each home room, within the inner community of the facility and within the greater community of the suburb. This facility situates itself in the suburban context by connecting to other components of daily life such as the recreation center, civic services, and commerce, aiding in “place making” for people. The project looks at models from other countries to better understand how the architecture and design of the facility can enhance the learning for the children. This project looks at the facility at many scales and creates an environment of learning. The following objectives and design opportunities were considered when designing this project: 1. Connection between the facility and the surrounding community: nature, street life, community activities 2. Experiential qualities as they enhance the learning experience for both children and adults; light, space, time 3. Tectonics which enhance the experience of learning; construction detail, the window, the door, gravity, material, surface, texture 4. Human behavior and child development as it shapes the plan, section and detail This 12,000 sq. ft. Child Care Facility is located in the suburb of Lino Lakes, Minnesota. The site is within the proposed town center currently under development by the City. In a previous exercise a master plan and zoning diagram were established. Locations for civic and community oriented uses were denoted. The site for the facility is adjacent to the city park and a regional nature reserve and is adjacent to community services and recreation.


University of Minnesota. M.Arch. thesis. March 2011. Major: M.Arch. Advisor: Mary Guzowski. 1 computer file (PDF); iv, 56 pages; appendix A.

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