Lichens and air quality in Hot Springs National Park: Final report

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Lichens and air quality in Hot Springs National Park: Final report

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This study of the lichens of Hot Springs National Park was designed 1) to collect lichens for lichen species lists, 2) to collect lichens for elemental analysis, 3) to study the health and distributions of species most sensitive to air pollution, and 4) to assess the effects of air quality on lichens. Thirty two localities were studied in the park and 1279 collections were made. Samples of four species were also collected at 12 localities for elemental analysis. The lichen flora is quite diverse for this area. There were 161 species present and one undescribed new species was found in the park. All of the lichens found were in good health and with normal fertility. The lichens studied by elemental analysis showed higher elemental levels in the southwest part of the park. There seemed to be no indications of threatening air quality problems (primarily from sulfur dioxide) to the lichen flora in the park. Recommendations are for periodic (5 year) restudy of the lichens by elemental analysis. A complete lichen restudy of the lichen flora should be done every 10-15 years. The localities where undescribed species were found should receive protection. If construction or maintenance activities are planned within these areas a lichenologist should be consulted to prevent loss of species. Further investigation of the higher levels of certain elements at some localities should be done.



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Wetmore CM, Bennett JP. Lichens and air quality in Hot Springs National Park. Final Report. 2002:1-35.

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