LC-MS/MS Data from Analysis of Bacteriochlorophylls

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All .raw files were generated by sample analysis on an Thermo QExactive MS with a Ultimate 3000 UHPLC system in the Plant Metabolomics Lab.

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LC-MS/MS Data from Analysis of Bacteriochlorophylls

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Hegeman, Adrian D


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This data set contains LC-MS/MS analyses of various extracted esterified bacteriochlorophylls. Methods and data are described in the publication (Wang et al., 2014). All .raw files are from a Thermo instrument and can be opened with Xcalibur software by Thermo. Alternatively, files may be opened using publically available software: MZmine


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Wang Y, Freund DM, Magdaong NM, Urban VS, Frank HA, Hegeman AD, Tang JK (2014) Impact of esterified bacteriochlorophylls on the biogenesis of chlorosomes in Chloroflexus aurantiacus, Photosynth Res, 122(1): 69-86.

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This work was partly supported by funds from the NSF Plant Genome Research Program grant IOS-1238812

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Hegeman, Adrian Daniel; Freund, Dana M.; Tang, Joseph, K.. (2015). LC-MS/MS Data from Analysis of Bacteriochlorophylls. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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