Interference Effects of a Strut on the Lift and Drag of a Hydrofoil

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Interference Effects of a Strut on the Lift and Drag of a Hydrofoil

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St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory




The evaluation of performance characteristics of hydrofoil systems employed to support water-borne craft commonly makes use of two-dimensional foil section analysis. Such evaluations are currently in need of more data for handling the contributions of the surfaces in the vicinity of the strut-foil junction where three-dimensional flow-interference effects occur. In this study, towing tank tests were used to evaluate the influence of interference on the lift and drag of selected models of common junction conditions under a variety of submergence, attack, and yaw conditions. The evaluation was made from pressure distribution measurements.



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Prepared for Bureau of Ships, Department of the Navy under Bureau of Ships Project No. SF 013 02 01, Task 1702, Office of Naval Research Contract Nonr-710(39)

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Ripken, J. F.. (1961). Interference Effects of a Strut on the Lift and Drag of a Hydrofoil. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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