Data Related to Association studies of up to 1.2 million individuals yield new insights into the genetic etiology of tobacco and alcohol use

Liu, Mengzhen
Jiang, Yu
Wedow, Robbee
Li, Yue
Brazel, David M
Chen, Fang
Datta, Gargi
Davila-Velderrain, Jose
McGuire, Daniel
Tian, Chao
Zhan, Xiaowei
23andMe Research Team
HUNT All-In Psychiatry
Choquet, Hélène
Docherty, Anna R
Faul, Jessica D
Foerster, Johanna R
Fritsche, Lars G
Gabrielsen, Maiken Elvestad
Gordon, Scott D
Haessler, Jeffrey
Hottenga, Jouke-Jan
Huang, Hongyan
Jang, Seon-Kyeong
Jansen, Philip R
Ling, Yueh
Mägi, Reedik
Matoba, Nana
McMahon, George
Mulas, Antonella
Orrù, Valeria
Palviainen, Teemu
Pandit, Anita
Reginsson, Gunnar W, Skogholt, Anne Heidi
Smith, Jennifer A
Taylor, Amy E
Turman, Constance
Willemsen, Gonneke
Young, Hannah
Young, Kendra A
Zajac, Gregory J M
Zhao, Wei
Zhou, Wei
Bjornsdottir, Gyda
Boardman, Jason D
Boehnke, Michael
Boomsma, Dorret I
Chen, Chu
Cucca, Francesco
Davies, Gareth E
Eaton, Charles B
Ehringer, Marissa A
Esko, Tõnu
Fiorillo, Edoardo
Gillespie, Nathan A
Gudbjartsson, Daniel F
Haller, Toomas
Harris, Kathleen Mullan
Heath, Andrew C
Hewitt, John K
Hickie, Ian B
Hokanson, John E
Hopfer, Christian J
Hunter, David J
Iacono, William G
Johnson, Eric O
Kamatani, Yoichiro
Kardia, Sharon L. R
Keller, Matthew C
Kellis, Manolis
Kooperberg, Charles
Kraft, Peter
Krauter, Kenneth S
Laakso, Markku
Lind, Penelope A
Loukola, Anu
Lutz, Sharon M
Madden, Pamela A F
Martin, Nicholas G
McGue, Matt
McQueen, Matthew B
Medland, Sarah E
Metspalu, Andres
Mohlke, Karen L
Nielsen, Jonas B
Okada, Yukinori
Peters, Ulrike
Polderman, Tinca J C
Posthuma, Danielle
Reiner, Alexander P
Rice, John P
Rimm, Eric
Rose, Richard J
Runarsdottir, Valgerdur
Stallings, Michael C
Stančáková, Alena
Stefansson, Hreinn
Thai, Khanh K
Tindle, Hilary A
Tyrfingsson, Thorarinn
Wall, Tamara L
Weir, David R
Weisner, Constance
Whitfield, John B
Winsvold, Bendik Slagsvold
Yin, Jie
Zuccolo, Luisa
Bierut, Laura J
Hveem, Kristian
Lee, James J
Munafò, Marcus R
Saccone, Nancy L
Willer, Cristen J
Cornelis, Marilyn C
David, Sean P
Hinds, David A
Jorgenson, Eric
Kaprio, Jaakko
Stitzel, Jerry A
Stefansson, Kari
Thorgeirsson, Thorgeir E
Abecasis, Gonçalo
Liu Dajiang J
Vrieze Scott
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Data Related to Association studies of up to 1.2 million individuals yield new insights into the genetic etiology of tobacco and alcohol use

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Liu, Mengzhen


Genomics Data


We conducted a meta-analysis of over 30 genome wide association studies (GWAS) in over 1.2 million participants with European ancestry on nicotine and substance use. Specifically, we targeted different stages and kinds of substance use from initiation (smoking initiation and age of regular smoking initiation) to regular use (drinks per week and cigarettes per day) to cessation (smoking cessation). The GWAS included have all been imputed to Haplotype Reference Consortium, 1000 Genomes or a combination including more specific reference panels. The studies are then meta-analyzed using sample size, allele frequencies and the imputation quality score as weight. Here we present the final set of filtered meta-analysis summary statistics as presented in the paper ( excluding 23andMe. As per requirement and to ease dissemination of our results for other scientific endeavors, we are sharing our results here to facilitate downloading.


Files include summary statistics for associations with each phenotype: Drinks per week, Cigarettes per day, Smoking initiation, Smoking cessation, and Age of initiation. Details for each file can be found in the readme file or in the article's Supplementary Text.

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Liu, M., Jiang, Y., Wedow, R., Li, Y., Brazel, D. M., Chen, F., ...., Vrieze, S. (2019). Association studies of up to 1.2 million individuals yield new insights into the genetic etiology of tobacco and alcohol use. Nature Genetics, volume 51, pages 237-244 (2019).

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AgeOfInitiation.txt.gzAge of Initiation Summary Statistics330.48 MB
CigarettesPerDay.txt.gzCigarettes per Day Summary Statistics332.49 MB
DrinksPerWeek.txt.gzDrinks per Week Summary Statistics333.22 MB
SmokingCessation.txt.gzSmoking Cessation Summary Statistics336.17 MB
SmokingInitiation.txt.gzSmoking Initiation Summary Statistics327.01 MB

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