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University Honors Program  [189]

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Parasols, Water Slides, and Dragons: Towards a Hydro-Social Understanding of St. Paul's Phalen Park

Baldwin, Katharine (2018)
This archival study traces Phalen Park’s development from a romanticized, country-side escape from the city of St. Paul to a community park with a Chinese garden and dragon boat festivals in a racially diverse neighborhood. ...

Let's Get Physical: Source and Frame Effects in Exercise Messages to College-Aged Women

Bremer, Hannah (2019)
This paper explores the effects of message source and message framing in exercise messages targeted at college-aged women. This study examines how different types of source (corporate, government, or social media influencer) ...

Twin Cities Metro City Engineers: Public or Private?

Elert, Eric (2019)
The cities within the Twin Cities Metro all have important engineering work and projects. To complete them, cities will hire a city engineer as a part of their staff. However, a city may choose to hire a public in-house ...

#NiUnaMenos: How a movement can create and maintain political salience through social media

Swee, Sheridan (2019)
Ni Una Menos, an Argentine feminist movement, has spread throughout Latin America largely due to its use of social media. As an organization, they are able to hold a role of social accountability for both the Argentine ...

Designing Discipline: How does the market react to accounting restatements in industries with significant intangible value?

Haworth, Aleah (2018)
Mandatory financial reporting for public companies is intended to increase transparency for shareholders. If a business can raise capital from the public, it was decided that the public had a right to information about ...

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