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A Site Study of Soil Charactersistics and Soil Gas Radon in Rochester, Minnesota

Lively, R.S.; Steck, D.J.; Brasaemle, B. (Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota, 1991)
In regional surveys, indoor radon is usually the parameter of interest, but occasionally soil gas radon at depths of 1 meter or less is also measured. At statewide scales, even limited data sets can be used to infer ...

Geological mapping and 3D model of deposits that host ground-water systems in the Fargo-Moorhead region, Minnesota and North Dakota

Thorleifson, L. H.; Harris, K.L.; Berg, J.; Tipping, R.G.; Malolepszy, Z.; Lusardi, B.A.; Setterholm, D.; Anderson, F. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2005)
The objective of the current project is to present an updated and enhanced depiction of the sediments and rocks within which ground-water systems occur across the Fargo-Moorhead region, to support further assessment ...

Guide to the Minerals and Rocks of Minnesota

Schwartz, G.M.; Theil, G.A. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1958)

Pleistocene geology and evolution of the upper Mississippi valley, Minnesota

Lively, R.S. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1985)