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Student Capstone Papers, Projects, and Presentations  [46]

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Composting Contamination in Corporate Settings

Wedl, Michael; Cina, Laura; Gezella-Baranczyk, Molly (2017)
The following is a comprehensive overview compiled for Hennepin County’s Environment and Energy Division to address compost contamination in corporate settings. Contamination consists of non-compostable materials in the ...

Prospects for a New Global Convention of the Elimination of Violence against Women

Falk, Maram; Sevett, Alexandra; Walker Bloem, Lauren (2017)

Picture Impact - Leveraging Human-Centered Design to Improve Maternal and Child Survival in West Africa

Doan, Kristina; Baatartsogt, Oyudari; Rolfes, Katelynn; Holmes, Elise (2017)
This report provides a landscape analysis and identification of primary design challenges pertaining to the improvement of Maternal-Child Survival (MCS) in West Africa.

Empowering Women: A case study of women's participation in political processes in Nakuru county

Waiswa, Moses; Phelps, Marin (2017)
Kenya’s 2010 constitution made great strides in increasing the avenues available for public participation amongst Kenyan citizens. This has, in turn, created greater opportunity for women to be involved in the political ...

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