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Student Capstone Papers, Projects, and Presentations  [104]

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Global Mamas Final Capstone Report 2019-2020

Carlson, Gunnar; Dimore, Kidist; Masterpole, Zoë; Nurmatova, Nasiba; Scarborough, Darryl (2020-05)

Methods and Strategies for the Revitalization of Uptown Hamel

de Alcuaz, Ally; Cutrufello, Mary; Kieser, Nick; Molasky, Katriona; Page, Katie (2019-05-10)
Medina’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan identifies Uptown Hamel as an area for redevelopment. The City developed key objectives for this redevelopment and was interested in determining how the community vision aligns with these ...

Understanding Minnesota's Q Comp Program

Foley, Hannah; Raths, Katherine; Thompson, Lindsey; Korba, Amy J. (2019-05-13)
Minnesota’s Quality Compensation program (Q Comp) is a unique initiative that seeks to provide districts with the tools to better support teachers in developing their professional practice. The program requires participants ...

Human Scale Mobility in Minneapolis, Measuring the conditions for walking, biking and other modes of ‘human scale’ transportation

DesRoches, Chris; Russell, Kathleen; Guo, Yuxuan (2019-05-03)
Over the last ten years the City of Minneapolis has laid out a comprehensive vision for the future of mobility and transportation within the city. Through plans like the bike and pedestrian master plans, the Minneapolis ...

Ride On: Strategies for promoting transit ridership at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Moua, Pang; Haney, Patrick; Dan, Victoria (2019-05)
Nearly two decades ago, Metro Transit and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (UMN-TC) came together in a partnership to develop a mutually beneficial and forward-thinking transportation solution. A sizeable portion ...

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