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Student Capstone Papers, Projects, and Presentations  [6]

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Racial Diversity in Hiring for the City of Saint Paul

Tack, Peter; Mishra, Sandeep; Bill, Robert; Agarwal, Puneet (HHH, 2015)

Bohemian Flats Master Plan

Boyce, Alex; Hatten, Stephanie; Carol, Heji; Unzeitig, Mathew (HHH, 2015)

Making Development Work: Tools for the Cleveland Neighborhood

Foell, Ashley; Nygard, Katrina; Olson, Erin; Tran, Andrew (HHH, 2015-05-11)

Tod on Publicly-Owned Land

Fogt, Kelsey; Ouyang, Xinjia; Pierce, John; Poskus, Mariana; Varien, Michael (HHH, 2015-03-05)

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