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2010 E3 Conference Posters  [14]

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Parasitic resistance effects of split-spectrum solar cell performance

Krohn, Jennifer; Ruden, Paul (2010)
Semiconductor solar cells absorb photons of energy greater than their band-gap and convert the photon energy to electrical energy less than the band-gap. Consequently, small gap solar cells can absorb a large part of the ...

Path Creation and Learning in the Clean Tech Industry

Marcus, Alfred (2010)
Clean tech – the production of electricity and fuels with a smaller environmental impact –saw a mini-investment boom occurred in the first decade of the 21st century. This study investigates the degree to which the strategies ...

Efficient Inorganic-Bonded Wood Panels for Construction Applications

Aro, Matthew (2010)
We have combined the unique properties of chemically-bonded inorganic binders with wood feedstock to develop fire-, moisture-, decay-, and mildew-resistant prototype composite panels for construction applications. The ...

Adding Value to Ethanol Production Byproducts Through Production of Biochar and Bio-oil

Spokas, K.; Ruan, R.; Morrison, B. (2010)
The goal of this project is to increase the value of distillers grain by sequestering carbon and producing additional renewable energy resources (bio-oil and syngas) through microwave assisted pyrolysis. More specifically, ...

Development of a Solar Smoleniec/Stirling Hybrid Thermo-Mechanical Generator

Goldberg, Louise F. (2010)
The Thermo-Mechanical Generator was invented in 1967 and is an ingeniously simple and elegant heat engine operating on a Stirling thermodynamic cycle that can yield cogenerated electrical and thermal energy from moderately ...

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