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MPLP @ 5: More Access, Less Backlog?
Crowe, Stephanie H.; Spilman, Karen (Journal of Archival Organization (Routledge), 2010)

MPLP @ 5: More Access, Less Backlog?

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Journal of Archival Organization (Routledge)


Mark Greene and Dennis Meissner published their influential article “More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing” five years ago. This study assesses the impact of the methodologies expounded by Greene and Meissner on processing and reference in the archival profession. A broad survey of American archivists conducted in the fall of 2009 is the basis for our exploration of the extent to which the MPLP principles have thus far generally decreased collection backlogs and increased researcher access to collections.

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issn: 1533-2748 print / 1533-2756 online

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Crowe, Stephanie H. and Spilman, Karen(2010) 'MPLP @ 5: More Access, Less Backlog?', Journal of Archival Organization, 8: 2, 110 — 133

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Crowe, Stephanie H.; Spilman, Karen. (2010). MPLP @ 5: More Access, Less Backlog?. Journal of Archival Organization (Routledge). Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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