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A Cautionary Note on Estimating the Reliability of a Mastery Test with the Beta-Binomial Model

Wilcox, Rand R. (1981)
Based on recently published papers, it might be tempting to routinely apply the beta-binomial model to obtain a single administration estimate of the reliability of a mastery test. Using real data, the paper illustrates ...

Estimating the parameters of Emrick's mastery testing mode

Van der Linden, Wim J. (1981)
Emrick’s model is a latent class or state model for mastery testing that entails a simple rule for separating masters from nonmasters with respect to a homogeneous domain of items. His method for estimating the model ...

Analysis of test results via log-linear models

Baker, Frank B.; Subkoviak, Michael J. (1981)
The recently developed log-linear model procedures are applied to three types of data arising in a measurement context. First, because of the historical intersection of survey methods and test norming, the log-linear ...

A note on a statistical paradigm for the evaluation of cognitive structure in physics instruction

Gliner, Gail S. (1981)
Data from Shavelson’s (1972) study investigating the change in cognitive structure due to instruction in Newtonian mechanics were reanalyzed using the quadratic assignment (QA) approach. This application of the QA ...

Individual differences in the validity of a cognitive processing model for responses to personality inventories

De Boeck, Paul (1981)
An individual difference hypothesis was tested with respect to the validity of a vector type cognitive processing model for inventory responses. The validity index may be also considered an index of the conformity of ...