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Comments on criterion-referenced testing

Livingston, Samuel A. (1980)
The six papers in this issue summarize 10 years of theory development, empirical research, and practical experience in criterion-referenced testing. Much of the theory development has focused on questions and issues ...

A framework for methodological advances in criterion-referenced testing

Berk, Ronald A. (1980)
A vast body of methodological research on criterion-referenced testing has been amassed over the past decade. Much of that research is synthesized in the articles contained in this issue. The fact that this issue is ...

Issues of validity for criterion-referenced measures

Linn, Robert L. (1980)
It has sometimes been assumed that validity of criterion-referenced tests is guaranteed by the definition of the domain and the process used to generate items. These are important considerations for content validity. ...

Reliability of test scores and decisions

Traub, Ross E.; Rowley, Glenn L. (1980)
A criterion-referenced test can be viewed as testing either a continuous or a binary variable, and the scores on a test can be used as measurements of the variable or to make decisions (e.g., pass or fail). Recent work ...

The nature and use of state mastery models

Macready, George B.; Dayton, C. Mitchell (1980)
This paper provides a review of a class of probabilistic models that has been developed for use in the assessment of trait or competency acquisition. Consideration is given to the relative merits and limitations of ...