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Predicting the impact of simple and compound life change events

Wainer, Howard; Timbers, Dianne T.; Hough, Richard L. (1978)
A scale of impact for 95 life change events was determined from a sample of 4 ethnic groups. Fifty-one of these events fit a Rasch model and had the same impact in all four groups (sample free item calibration). The ...

A note on decision theoretic coefficients for tests

Wilcox, Rand R. (1978)
Recently it was suggested that the Bayes risk might be used to characterize tests. To conform to common practices about indexes, a rescaling of the Bayes risk was proposed. The motivation for this new coefficient, d, ...

Multiple regression and validity estimation in one sample

Claudy, John G. (1978)
This study empirically investigated equations for estimating the value of the multiple correlation coefficient in the population underlying a sample and the value of the population validity coefficient of a sample ...

Application of a psychometric rating model to ordered categories which are scored with successive integers

Andrich, David (1978)
A latent trait measurement model in which ordered response categories are both parameterized and scored with successive integers is investigated and applied to a summated rating or Likert questionnaire. In addition to ...

Individual inconsistency: Implications for test reliability and behavioral predictability

Whitely, Susan E. (1978)
The nature of individual inconsistency in performance on trait measurements is an important topic in psychometrics because of its direct relevance to measurement reliability. Several studies have supported short-term ...