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Applied Psychological Measurement, Volume 01, 1977  [50]

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Choice reaction time: What role in ability measurement?

Lunneborg, Clifford E. (1977)
Three studies are described in which choice reaction time (RT) was related to such psychometric ability measures as verbal comprehension, numerical reasoning, hidden figures, and progressive matrices tests. Although ...

Optimal cutting scores using a linear loss function

Van der Linden, Wim J.; Mellenbergh, Gideon J. (1977)
The situation is considered in which a total score on a test is used for classifying examinees into two categories: "accepted (with scores above a cutting score on the test) and "not accepted" (with scores below the ...

Applicability of the Rasch model with varying item discriminations

Dinero, Thomas E.; Haertel, Edward (1977)
Among the varieties of logistic models, those attributed to Birnbaum (involving the parameters of item discrimination, item difficulty, and person ability) and Rasch (involving only item difficulty and person ability) ...

The relationship between the perceived risk and attractiveness of gambles: A multidimensional analysis

Nygren, Thomas E. (1977)
Judgments of perceived risk and attractiveness for a set of 50 two-outcome gambles were obtained from 39 college students. The data were used to test various ordinal properties of the gambles implied by Pollatsek and ...

Relative utility of computerized versus paper-and-pencil tests for predicting job performance

Cory, Charles H. (1977)
This article, the second of two, presents predictive validity data for on-job performance for a set of computerized Graphic and Interactive Processing (GRIP) tests in conjunction with data for both experimental paper ...

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