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Minnesota Geology Data  [3]

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Karst Features of Minnesota

Alexander, E. Calvin, Jr.; Tipping, R.G. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2002)
Southeastern Minnesota is part of the Upper Mississippi Valley Karst (Hedges and Alexander, 1985) that includes southwestern Wisconsin and northeastern Iowa. Karst lands in Minnesota are developed in Paleozoic carbonate ...

2003 Rock Properties Database: Density, Magnetic Susceptibility, and Natural Remanent Magnetization of Rocks in Minnesota

Chandler, V.W; Lively, R.S (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2010-08-06)
Geologic interpretation of gravity and magnetic anomaly data in a given area is greatly enhanced if density, magnetic susceptibility and natural remanent magnetization (NRM) data are available for representative rock-types. ...


Chandler, V.W.; Lively, R.S.; Wahl, T.E. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2004)
These data represent over 40 years of gravity surveying in the state of Minnesota. This release is the first significant revision of the Minnesota gravity database since the compilation by Chandler and Schaap (1991), that ...