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Aurora Sporealis Fall 2020

Czadzeck, Grant (University of Minnesota: Department of Plant Pathology, 2020)

Aurora Sporealis 2019

Unknown author (University of Minnesota: Department of Plant Pathology, 2019)

Genome editing in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) to hyper-accumulate phosphate

Samac, Deborah A; Miller, Susan S; Dornbusch, Melinda R; Curtin, Shaun J (2019)
Rock phosphate, the main source of phosphate (P) for crop fertilizers, is a finite resource that is predicted to be depleted in 50-100 years. P is a critical nutrient in agriculture and its application can dramatically ...

Lignin reduction in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) does not affect foliar disease resistance

Samac, Deborah A; Ao, Samadangla; Dornbusch, Melinda R; Grev, Amanda M; Wells, M Scott; Martinson, Krishona; Sheaffer, Craig C (2018)
Disruptions in the lignin biosynthetic pathway have been shown to reduce disease resistance in a number of crops. Recently, genetically modified alfalfa (Medicago sativa) varieties have been marketed with reduced lignin ...

Alfalfa leaf protein concentrate: A sustainable protein source for aquaculture feeds

Samac, Deborah A; Coburn, Jessica E M; Phelps, Nicholas; Wells, M Scott (2019)
Interest in local, sustainable aquaculture is continuing to expand across the United States. To ensure profitability and high consumer acceptance, a plant-based non-GMO source of protein is needed for replacing fishmeal ...