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Faculty and Staff Research  [8]

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Youth-Engagement Statewide Initiative

Unknown author (2010-08)

Minnesota Parents & Youth Want Afterschool Opportunities

Blyth, Dale A. (2008-05-01)
In 2008, The University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development, working with Wilder Research, conducted phone interviews with over 1600 parents and 800 7th - 12th grade youth around the state about afterschool ...

2008 Farm Bill Update: Conservation and Energy Programs

Anderson, Greg; Flynn, Paul; Noty, Lisa; Current, Dean; Hachfeld, Gary; Nichols, Luke; Sackett, Jill; Wilsey, Dave; Wyatt, Gary; Zamora, Diomy (2009-01)
The 2008 Farm Bill contains updated and new conservation programs to protect soil, water, air and wildlife resources while offering economic incentives for landowners and farmers. It also provides for additional energy ...

Small Farms Initiative

Arlt, Timothy; Wieland, Betsy; Winter, Nathan; Carlson, Brad; Martens, Dan; Haugen-Brown, Tana; Herzfeld, Dean; Foord, Karl; Wilsey, David; Martin, Wayne; Waters, Katherine; Kieser, Laura; Nelson, Beth; Gustafson, Kent; Postels, Brenda (2010)
Establish the infrastructure for a vibrant Small Farms initiative to address the growing number of small farms in Minnesota. This includes publications, curriculums, events, activities, communications, web resources, and ...

Riparian Forest Buffers for Trout Habitat Improvement

Bongard, Phyllis; Wyatt, Gary; Nerbonne, Brian (2010-06-30)
Creating an educational program that promotes the benefits of riparian forest buffers. The approach includes developing educational materials based on a literature review and establishing a demonstration on an existing ...

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