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Commercial Navigation on the Upper Mississippi River: An Economic Review of its Development and Public Policy Issues Affecting Minnesota

Christianson, Rodney W. (Water Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1974-10)
Development of the Upper Mississippi River and its major tributaries have been of great importance for the economic and social well-being of Minnesota. Water development projects such as the nine-foot navigation channel ...

An Approach to Groundwater Monitoring Well Network Design Relying on Numerical Techniques and Public-Domain Information

Mooers, Howard D.; Pfannkuch, Hans-Olaf; Quinn, John J. (Water Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1994-05)
Uncertainties in the hydrogeology of a study area and in the transport properties of potential contaminants challenge the designers of groundwater monitoring well networks- Numerical flow modeling is a useful tool for ...

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Groundwater Recharge with Application to Sampling Design

Andricevic, Roko; Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi; Jankovic, Igor (Water Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1995-07)
The most influential process for the groundwater shallow aquifer monitoring is groundwater recharge. This study focuses on defining and quantifying the groundwater recharge as a process primarily resulting from precipitation. ...

Lake and Groundwater Paleohydrology: Use of Groundwater Flow Theory to Explain Past Lake Levels in West-Central Minnesota

Almendinger, James E. (Water Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1989-06)
Investigation of a simple analytic model of an interfluvial water table demonstrates that a shift in groundwater recharge N changes the water table elevation the most near the middle of the interfluve. Consequently, lakes ...

On-site Biodegradation of Organic Pollutants in Contaminated Soils and Groundwater

Maier, Walter J. (Water Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1987-06)
Widespread use and improper disposal of chlorinated organic materials have resulted in contamination of soils and groundwater throughout the nation. This research focused on development of remedial technology to rehabilitate ...