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A Process Approach to Defining Services for Undergraduates
Prescott, Melissa Kalpin; Veldof, Jerilyn R. (portal: Libraries and the Academy, 2010)

A Process Approach to Defining Services for Undergraduates

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portal: Libraries and the Academy


Today's undergraduates approach research with needs and expectations that challenge traditional library services. The foundation for leading an effective response is the ability to assess undergraduate needs and translate these needs into tangible strategic initiatives that contribute to student academic success. This paper describes the systematic process used at the University of Minnesota Libraries that resulted in large-scale undergraduate initiatives. The multiple step process included assessing, analyzing, scoping themes and problems, brainstorming, establishing evaluation criteria, gathering feedback, ranking and prioritizing key initiatives, and obtaining funding. Issues that arose during this process are also discussed.

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Prescott, Melissa Kalpin; Veldof, Jerilyn R.. (2010). A Process Approach to Defining Services for Undergraduates. portal: Libraries and the Academy. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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