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Miscellaneous Map Series  [196]

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The Miscellaneous Map Series represents a variety of Minnesota’s geological features and regions, including simple bouguer maps, lineament maps, and maps of surficial and bedrock geology.

Recently Added

Bedrock Geology of the Devil Track Lake Quadrangle, Cook County, Minnesota

Boerboom, Terrence J.; Green, John C. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2015)
Portrays the bedrock geology of the Devil Track Lake quadrangle which prior to this effort was largely unmapped. The map shows the distribution of the various rock types, locations of bedrock outcrops, and structural ...

M-197 Bedrock Geology of the International Falls and LittleFork 30' x 60' Quadrangles, northern Minnesota

Jirsa, Mark A.; Boerboom, Terrence J.; Chandler, V.W. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2014-09-25)
The map depicts a complex history of volcanism, sedimentation, intrusion, multiple events of migmatization involving partial melting and melt dispersion, and several periods of deformation and metamorphism. It lies within ...

M-195 Bedrock Geology of the Marr Island and Hovland Quadrangles, Cook County, Minnesota

Boerboom, Terrence J.; Green, John C. (2013-11-01)
Bedrock geologic map of Marr Island and Hovland Quadrangles, northeastern Minnesota, northshore of Lake Superior.

M-194 Bedrock Geology of the Twin Cities Ten-County Metropolitan Area, Minnesota

Mossler, John H. (2013-08-01)
This regional map is partly a compilation of existing maps of bedrock geology in the metropolitan area and partly a remapping of bedrock in areas where the existing maps were out of date because of the acquisition of new ...

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