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State Map Series  [20]

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S-23 Geologic Map of Minnesota - Quaternary Geology

Lusardi, Barbara A; Gowan, Angela S; McDonald, Jennifer M; Marshall, Katherine J; Meyer, Gary N; Wagner, Kaleb G (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2019)
There are no GIS files associated with this compilation. It was made for printing and visualization. GIS files are available with the detailed digital database D-1 at the MGS Data Portal -- ...

S-22, Geologic Map of Minnesota, Precambrian Bedrock Geology

Jirsa, M.A.; Boerboom, T.J.; Chandler, V.W. (2012)
This map of the Archean and Proterozoic (Precambrian) geology of Minnesota is identical with MGS State Map S-21, except it portrays an interpretation beneath Phanerozoic (Paleozoic and Mesozoic) strata inferred from ...

S-21 Geologic Map of Minnesota-Bedrock Geology

Jirsa, Mark A.; Boerboom, Terrence J.; Chandler, V.W.; Mossler, John H.; Runkel, Anthony C.; Setterholm, Dale R. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2011)
This map is a new construct that incorporates existing geologic maps where prior mappers had adequate ground control, and new interpretations based on drill hole, geophysical, and unpublished data where they did not. The ...

S-15 Geologic Map of Minnesota, Bedrock Topography

Olsen, Bruce M.; Mossler, John H. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1982)

S-20 Geologic map of Minnesota, bedrock geology

Morey, G.B.; Meints, J.P. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2000)

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