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Lisa A. McGuire  [8]

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Collaboration is Key: Advancing the Academic Health Sciences Library's Mission Through Campus Partnerships Within Library Spaces

Jaguszewski, Janice M.; McGuire, Lisa A. (Chandos Publishing, 2019)
Academic health sciences libraries are actively engaged with their health professions faculty and administrators to advance teaching, learning, and research. This chapter offers strategies for success when cultivating and ...

Space as a Service: Advancing the Library’s Mission through Campus Collaboration within Library Spaces

Jaguszewski, Janice M; Aspinall, Erinn; McGuire, Lisa A.; Theis-Mahon, Nicole; Hendrickson, Lois; Sayre, Franklin D (2015-10)

Rethinking How to Create a Health Disparity Tutorial

McGuire, Lisa A (Medical Library Association, 2011-05)
This poster describes the creation of an online tutorial on how to research a health disparity topic. Contents include: defining health disparities, introduction to the MEDLINE database and the PubMed interface, and ...

Frequency of Nonodontogenic Pain after Endodontic Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Nixdorf, DR; Moana-Filho, EJ; Law, AS; McGuire, LA; Hodges, JS; John, MT (Elsevier, 2010-09)
INTRODUCTION: Little is known about ill-defined pain that persists after endodontic procedures, including an estimate of the problem's magnitude. We conducted a systematic review of prospective studies that reported the ...

Frequency of persistent tooth pain after root canal therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Nixdorf, DR; Moana-Filho, EJ; Law, AS; McGuire, LA; Hodges, JS; John, MT (Elsevier, 2010-02)
Little is known about the frequency of persistent pain after endodontic procedures even though pain is a core patient-oriented outcome. We estimated the frequency of persistent pain, regardless of etiology, after endodontic ...

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