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Dr. Emmanuel Detournay  [5]

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Line Source in a Poroelastic Layer Bounded by an Elastic Space

Mark, Julien; Savitski, Alexei; Detournay, Emmanuel (2015)

Underground Nuclear Testing in French Polynesia: Stability and Hydrology Issues

Fairhurst, Charles; Brown, Edwin T.; Detournay, Emmanuel; Marsily, Ghislain de; Nikolaevshiy, Victor; Pearson, J.R. Anthony; Townley, Lloyd; Berest, Pierre (International Geomechanical Commission, 1999)

Modeling Axisymmetric Cracks in an Elastic Half-Space

Gordeliy, Elizaveta; Detournay, Emmanuel (2011-06-23)

Shallow Hydraulic Fracture

Gordeliy, Elizaveta; Detournay, Emmanuel (2010-02-08)