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Defining the St. Paul Campus: A Working Draft
University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota, 2008)

Defining the St. Paul Campus: A Working Draft

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University of Minnesota


In 2007, Provost Sullivan charged the seven St. Paul deans, convened by Kate VandenBosch and Bob Kvavik, to identify themes defining the mission of the St. Paul campus for the future. Ideally, these themes will unify clusters of research and academic programs and bring new energy to the campus. A desired outcome is to use the clusters to identify campus precincts aligned with the themes. The defined themes will also provide context for assigning new programmatic initiatives to St. Paul, planning new research facilities in St. Paul, aligning building use with academic priorities, and maximizing use of classroom space.


Document outlining the changes that need to be made to the St. Paul campus to transform the University into a top ten public research institution.

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