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Dr. Charles J. Geyer  [18]

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Aster Models for Life History Analysis

Geyer, Charles J; Wagenius, Stuart; Shaw, Ruth G (School of Statistics, University of Minnesota, 2005-09-05)
We present a new class of statistical models designed for life history analysis of plants and animals. They allow joint analysis of data on survival and reproduction over multiple years, allow for variables having different ...

Likelihood Ratio Tests and Inequality Constraints

Geyer, Charles J. (School of Statistics, University of Minnesota, 1995-12-18)
In likelihood ratio tests involving inequality-constrained hypotheses, the Neyman-Pearson test based on the least favourable parameter value in a compound null hypothesis can be extremely conservative. The ordinary parametric ...

Two data sets that are examples for an article titled "Computationally efficient likelihood inference in exponential families when the maximum likelihood estimator does not exist"

Eck, Daniel J.; Geyer, Charles J. (2018-05-22)
Two data sets, one previously on the web since 2009 at and used as an example in the article "Likelihood inference in exponential families and directions of recession" ...

Aster Models with Random Effects and Additive Genetic Variance for Fitness

Geyer, Charles J.; Shaw, Ruth G. (2013-07-10)
This technical report is a minor supplement to the paper Geyer et al. (in press) and its accompanying technical report Geyer et al. (2012). It shows how to move variance components from the canonical parameter scale to the ...

Aster Models with Random Effects via Penalized Likelihood

Geyer, Charles J.; Ridley, Caroline E.; Latta, Robert G.; Etterson, Julie R.; Shaw, Ruth G. (2012-10-09)
This technical report works out details of approximate maximum likelihood estimation for aster models with random effects. Fixed and random effects are estimated by penalized log likelihood. Variance components are estimated ...

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