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Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences: Case Study Analysis of Minnesota, North Carolina and Kansas

Hanzlik, Matthew (2009-10-07)
The life sciences industry is a source of innovations in health, agriculture, and industrial technology. New life sciences businesses create high paying jobs, contribute to local economies, and develop innovations that can ...

Adaptation: Culturally Sensitive Housing for Mexicans and Universal Design

Karnes, Carol (2009-10-07)
The Mexican population in Minneapolis has a unique cultural identity. They struggle with negative influences: economic inequality, language barriers, discrimination, and the reality of being a displaced people. They have ...

Homelessness and End of Life Care: A Qualitative Analysis of the Living Wills of Underprivileged Individuals

Grengs, Leah (2009-10-07)
The major objective of this study is to test an advance directive (AD) intervention in the homeless population of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This project will address the end of life (EOL) concerns of homeless people ...

Modeling the Response of Arctic Vegetation to Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change

Cassidy, Emily (2009-10-07)
An increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is contributing to planetary warming that is strongest over high latitude land areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and strong warming ...

Complex Visual-Spatial Reproduction and Recall: Effects of Individual Differences and Information Processing Strategy Instructions

Feijo, Alana M. (2009-10-07)
This project has two AIMS: (1) To examine the effects of personality traits on copy and recall measures of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF) Test. For example, does perfectionism influence the amount of time that ...