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Master's Theses (Plan A and Professional Engineering Design Projects)  [3993]

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Isolation and Characterization of Bacteriophages for Bicontrol of Salmonella and Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in Food Applications

Hansen, Eleanore (2021-08)
Salmonella poses a significant risk to public health, with tens of thousands of cases occurring each year. Food is the primary vehicle for Salmonella outbreaks, and several diverse foods are frequently attributed to ...

Metabolic-response assessment of metastatic murine breast cancer in 2D and 3D cultures using intrinsic NADH as a natural biomarker

Cong, Anh (2019-08)
The majority of in vitro studies of living cells are routinely conducted in a two-dimensional (2D) monolayer culture towards pathophysiological investigation, drug screenings, and cancer diagnostics. There is strong evidence, ...

From Shipping to Swimming: Bacterial Monitoring and Diversity in Ballast Treatment Systems and Recreational Waters

DeGuire, Lisa (2021-08)
The use of indicator organisms as a proxy for pathogenic bacteria significantly reduces the cost and complexity of monitoring aquatic systems. Fecal indicator bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and Enterococcus spp., are ...

Robustness in Deep Learning: Single Image Denoising using Untrained Networks

Singh, Esha (2021-05)
Deep Learning has become one of the cornerstones of today’s AI advancement and research. Deep Learning models are used for achieving state-of-the-art results on a wide variety of tasks, including image restoration problems, ...

Effects of altering dietary roughage and concentrate proportions on fermentation and performance in beef cattle

Zeltwanger, Joshua (2020-07)
Alterations of beef cattle diets can lead to changes in both rumen fermentation and growth of animals. Proportions of roughage and concentrate in the diet have long been the focus of nutritionists and researchers as key ...

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