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Master's Theses (Plan A and Professional Engineering Design Projects)  [3656]

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Monocular Depth Estimation using Adversarial Training

Mitra, Pallavi (2020-07)
Monocular depth estimation is a fundamentally challenging problem in Computer Vision. It is useful for Robotics applications where design constraints prohibit the use of multiple cameras. It also finds widespread use in ...

Problematic eating behaviors are more prevalent in low-income African American women with obesity/overweight than low-income African American women who are lean or normal weight and the accuracy of self-report versus actual heights and weights among a low-income ethnically diverse sample

Opichka, Katelyn (2018-08)
Much research has focused on exploring the prevalence, repercussions, and possible causes linked to obesity including certain eating behaviors that could lead to an increased weight. Few qualitative studies have looked ...

Solid-State Characterization And Engineering Of Two Antihistamine Drugs - Loratadine And Desloratadine

Shi, Zhongyang (2019-06)
With the implementation of Quality by Design (QbD), pharmaceutical product development is gradually transforming from an art based on empirical practice to a science based on knowledge of material and process. In this ...

Geochemistry of Vapor-Dominated Hydrothermal Vent Deposits in Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

Tudor, Amanda (2020-07)
Yellowstone Lake hydrothermal vent systems have been studied recently in connection with the HD-YLAKE program, a multidisciplinary project investigating the feedback between chemical and physical processes characterizing ...

Arrhythmia Management: Control of Alternans & VIEgram for analysis and visualization of electrograms to aid Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

Thakare, Sanket Yograj (2020-07)
Arrhythmia management - prediction, prevention and control of arrhythmias, is difficult mainly due to its spatiotemporal complexity and the poor understanding of mechanisms causing them. Therapies for managing arrhythmias ...

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