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Master's Theses (Plan A and Professional Engineering Design Projects)  [3447]

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Examining Drivers of Non-Territorial Workspace in Corporate Applications

Farniok, Anne (2019-11)
The purpose of this exploratory study was to gain an understanding of the drivers of a radical shift happening within space planning of office interiors. We are at a pivotal point in the design of the office. The cubicle ...

A Report on Programming a Clinical Decision Support Algorithm to Capture Inappropriate Complete Blood Count and Basic Metabolic Panel Lab Orders Using Arden Syntax, a Formalism for Medical Logic Modules

Gunashekar, Divya Rupini (2019-10)
This project is the second phase of research on Minnesota Laboratory Appropriateness (MLAB) Criteria that focuses on developing medical logic for the clinical decision support system that can be adapted to a wide variety ...

Reconstructing the bay-side geomorphic evolution of a freshwater baymouth bar in response to lake level change using three dimensional (3D) ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data

Kremmin, Todd (2019-11)
Situated at the southwestern tip of Lake Superior, Minnesota and Wisconsin Points' form a 16-kilometer baymouth bar between Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin, providing the breakwater for the largest and farthest ...

3D Printing and Mechanical Performance of Silicone Elastomers

Holzman, Noah (2019-11)
3D printing of soft, elastomeric materials has potential to increase the accessibility while decreasing the cost of customizable soft robotics and biomedical devices. In this work, the steps to building a 3D printer capable ...

HDAC7 KO osteoclasts show increased sensitivity to RANK-L cytokine

Newton, Brieanna Lise (2019-06)
Bone homeostasis is a balance between osteoclast-mediated bone resorption and osteoblast-mediated bone formation. Two cytokines, M-CSF and RANK-L are known to be necessary in osteoclast differentiation. Histone deacetylases ...

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