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Master's Theses (Plan A and Professional Engineering Design Projects)  [3839]

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Toward the Construction of a Vascularized, Hydrogel-Based Lymph Node Model for In Vitro and In Vivo Therapeutic Applications

Harff, Caleb (2021-04)
Clinical trials for drugs and vaccines often suffer from the use of culture or animal models that do not accurately recreate the microenvironment of human tissues, including the lymph nodes. Furthermore, insufficient immune ...

Determining the antibacterial potential of a medium-chain fatty acid, caprylic acid, against multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica enterica serovar Heidelberg in broiler chickens

Manjankattil Rajan, Shijina Raj (2020-04)
Salmonella is the leading bacterial cause of foodborne illness in the United States of America. Among the various foodborne infections, salmonellosis ranks first in terms of hospitalizations and death. More than 50% of ...

Temporal Changes in the Muscle Extracellular Matrix Due to Volumetric Muscle Loss Injury Promote Functional Fibrosis

Hoffman, Daniel (2020-09)
Skeletal muscle exhibits a remarkable ability to adapt and recover from a variety of stressors placed upon it. For example, numerous models of muscle injury, such as freeze, crush, and myotoxin, display immediate robust ...

Mesoscope: A miniaturized head-mounted device for whole cortex mesoscale activity mapping in freely behaving mice

Surinach, Daniel (2020-08)
The advent of genetically encoded calcium indicators, along with surgical preparations such as thinned skulls or refractive index matched skulls, have enabled mesoscale cortical activity imaging in head-fixed mice. Such ...

Binary Neural Networks in Spintronic Memory

Resch, Salonik (2020-03)
Neural networks span a wide range of applications of industrial and commercial significance. Binary neural networks (BNN) are particularly effective in trading accuracy for performance, energy efficiency or hardware/software ...

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