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Master's Theses (Plan A and Professional Engineering Design Projects)  [4071]

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Household chaos in rural families: Exploring the relationship between child physical activity, sedentary behavior, and screen-time with the home environment

Grace, Stephanie (2021-01)
INTRODUCTION: Regular physical activity (PA) and limited sedentary behavior (SB) and screen-time are essential for children’s health. Household chaos (HHchaos), defined as disorganization characterized by noise and crowding, ...

Zebra mussel invasion associated with higher reliance on littoral energy sources and higher mercury levels in walleye and yellow perch

Blinick, Naomi (2022-02)
Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha), an aquatic invasive species, shift lake food resources from the pelagic to the littoral zone, while simultaneously altering physical habitat by increasing water clarity. Using stable ...

Influence of Land-Use History & Jumping Worm Invasion on Species Richness & Composition of Maple-Basswood Understory Plant Communities

Goodall, Louis (2021-12)
In temperate forests around the globe the majority of the vascular plant diversity is concentrated in the understory/forest floor layers of the forest. Vascular plant diversity has decreased in these areas largely due to ...

Effect of Gingival Margin Design on Clear Aligner Material Strain and Force Delivery

Brown, Brooke (2021-06)
Aim: To evaluate the effect of the gingival margin design on strain distribution and forces and moments delivered from Essix ACE and Zendura FLX to a maxillary central incisor during labial tipping about a simulated center ...

Determining the effect of lipid nanoemulsions on insulin signaling and the inflammatory pathways at the Blood-Brain Barrier

Nair, Sanjana (2022-01)
Several studies have shown that metabolic disorders such as type-2 diabetes (T2DM) play a role in propagating neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)(1). As the brain is an insulin-sensitive organ and ...

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