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Master's Theses (Plan A and Professional Engineering Design Projects)  [3521]

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Crack Creep and Joint Performance Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Crick, Corey (2020-02)
The joint load transfer of concrete slabs often determines the longevity of concrete pavements. Currently, structural synthetic fibers are used to improve joint load transfer. The contribution of these fibers, however, ...

Surface Water - Groundwater Interactions and Their Control on Groundwater Redox Processes

Dunshee, Aubrey (2020-02)
Interactions between surface water and groundwater promote sharp geochemical and redox gradients, diverse microbial metabolisms, and the transformation of contaminants. Due to the impact on water quality, it is important ...

Identifying the Impact and Efficacy of Watershed Management on an Urban Stream

Distel, JohnMichael (2020-02)
Restoration and management of water resources have become a common counter to the degradation of hydrologic ecosystem services, specifically from the effects of urbanization. This project used a long-term data set to see ...

Is the GRE a Predictor of Student Success Outcomes? An Analysis of the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health’s Community Health Promotion Program.

Farley, Marlin (2020-02)
The Graduate Record Exam is a standardized test commonly used by graduate and professional admissions programs that have recently been disputed as ineffective in evaluating candidates for graduate programs (Miller & Stassun, ...

System Identification and Advanced Tracking Strategies for Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems

Hafeez`, Syed (2019-12)
The research in the master dissertation addresses development of an appropriate model of a dynamic system using observed data combined with basic mechanics and dynamics, prior knowledge of relationships between parameters.The ...

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