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Master's Theses (Plan A and Professional Engineering Design Projects)  [3637]

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Cone Beam Computed Tomography Evaluation of Buccal Alveolar Bone Changes Following Rapid Maxillary Expansion and Fixed Appliance therapy

Sperl, Adam (2020-06)
Introduction: Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) and fixed appliance therapy are commonly used to treat maxillary transverse deficiencies, but the treatment causes buccal displacement of appliance anchor teeth, which can ...

Understanding Einstein's Weirdest Prediction: Modeling Scalar Field Collapse To Black Holes

Verde, Justin (2020-06)
In this thesis we present the results from numerically simulating the gravitational collapse of a massless, non-interacting, real scalar field. We find a critical parameter for a single family of initial scalar field data ...

Estrogen Receptor Alpha Deficiency In Skeletal Muscle Leads To Differential Expression of Myokines, But Does Not Affect Osteoclastogenesis

Thieu, Kathleen (2020-06)
Abstract Background: Both osteoporosis and sarcopenia are musculoskeletal diseases associated with estrogen deficiency and aging. Previous studies suggest that the relationship between muscle and bone is more than purely ...

Flow Boiling of A Dilute Emulsion In the Transition Regime

Waikar, Ameya (2020-05)
This investigation investigates heat transfer of water and flow boiling of dilute emulsion in transition and turbulent regime. The gap heights for microgap of 500 and 1000 μm and nominal Reynolds number of 1600 and 2800. ...

The Effects of Secreted Muscle Factors on Osteoclast and Osteoblast Differentiation and Activity

VanLaecken, Nathan (2019-06)
It has been well established that communication exists between osteoclasts and osteoblasts to maintain skeletal integrity. The interaction between muscle and bone is less understood. To better understand if muscle secreted ...

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