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Miscellaneous Publications  [42]

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Geologic Map Mesabi Iron Range, Minnesota, second edition

Meineke, David G; Buchheit, Richard L; Dahlberg, Henk E; Morey, G B; Warren, LeRoy E (Mesabi Range Geological Society (MRGS) and Minnesota Geological Survey, 1999)
Historic strip-map of a 100 mile-long, 10 mile-wide area covering portions of St. Louis and Itasca counties, and enclosing the Mesabi Iron Range and parts of the Duluth Complex. Scale 1: 62500. First compiled and released ...

Minnesota at a Glance Water in Minnesota

Dengler, E.L. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 2017)
Water is arguably the most important resource on our planet. All life depends on it for survival. Approximately 71% of the surface of the Earth is water and of this, about 97% is saltwater. Where fresh water is present ...

The Sands of Time

Thiel, G.A. (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 1946-09)
Summary of sands in Minnesota

Upgrade of the Gravity Database

Chandler, V.W.; Lively, R.S. (2011)
The principal fact gravity database in Minnesota is comprised of over 59,000 measurements collected since 1950. It contains point location data, elevations, free-air and Bouguer anomaly values, field information and base ...

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