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Si, Se Puede! A Teaching Packet on Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba

Grossman, Julie; Sovell, Laurie; Wainwright, Joel (Institute for Social, Economic and Ecological Sustainability, 1997)
This teaching packet is intended to provide all the resources needed for an instructor, lecturer, or group organizer to facilitate a one to three-hour talk about contemporary agriculture in Cuba. The packet features a ...

Environmental Assessment Tool for Aquaculture in the Great Lakes Basin Version 1.2.

Brister, Deborah; Kapuscinski, Anne (2009-09-23)
The Environmental Assessment Tool is a downloadable decision tool specifically designed for the Great Lakes region. It addresses issues relevant to cage and land-based aquaculture in other regions.

Finding Food in Farm Country: The Economics of Food & Farming in Southeast Minnesota

Meter, Ken; Rosales, Jon (Institute for Social, Economic & Ecological Sustainability, 2001)
Our key finding is that the existing economic structures through which food products are bought and sold extract about $800 million from the region's economy each year. All this money, currently earned by Southeast ...

Safety First: Making It a Reality for Biotechnology Products

Institute for Social, Economic & Ecological Sustainability (Institute for Social, Economic and Ecological Sustainability, 2002-04-22)
The Initiative is proposing a model for pro-active, industry-wide biosafety standards. This pro-active approach uses science and representative public deliberation to: anticipate and resolve biosafety issues as far upstream ...

Genetic Methods for Biological Control of Non-Native Fish in the Gila River Basin: Final Report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Kapuscinski, Anne R.; Patronski, Timothy J. (University of Minnesota, Institute for Social, Economic and Ecological Sustainability, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2005-09)
This report addresses the feasibility of using genetic methods as a new approach for biological control of non-native fish within the Gila River Basin. This feasibility study was sponsored by the Central Arizona Project ...