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Campus History and Development  [49]

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This collection includes published and unpublished histories of the University of Minnesota and its departments, colleges, and programs. Included are the 1951 centennial history by James Gray and the 2001 sesquicentennial history by Ann Pflaum and Stanley Lehmberg.

Other examples of historical reference works:

  • “General Alumni Catalogue of The University of Minnesota,” an inclusive alumni listing for all University graduates from the first graduating class in 1873 through 1916, which also includes a historical sketch of the University
  • 1913 “Dictionary of the University of Minnesota” printed in the Minnesota Alumni Weekly

Recently Added

Undergraduate Student Financing, 1986-1987: A Study of Expenses and Sources

University of Minnesota. Minnesota Student Association.; University of Minnesota. Student Organization Development Center (University of Minnesota, 1988)

History of Mineral Resources Research Center

Wade, Henry H. (Mineral Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1981-06-24)

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