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Interview with James Boulger

Boulger, James; Tobbell, Dominique (University of Minnesota, 2016)
James Boulger begins the interview discussing his educational background. He briefly discusses his first academic job at the new Medical College of Ohio at Toledo in the late 1960s and his decision to move to the University ...

Interview with David Born

Born, David O.; Klaffke, Lauren E. (University of Minnesota, 2013-12-10)
Dr. David Born begins part one of his interview by describing his educational background and influences on his career trajectory. He then discusses the beginning of his career at the University of Minnesota in the Division ...

Interview with Frank Cerra

Cerra, Frank B.; Tobbell, Dominique (University of Minnesota, 2014-07-31)
Dr. Frank Cerra begins part one of his interview by describing his undergraduate education at SUNY Binghamton, his medical education at Northwestern University Medical School, and his residency at SUNY Buffalo. He then ...

Interview with Robert Vince

Klaffke, Lauren E.; Vince, Robert (University of Minnesota, 2013-08-06)
Dr. Robert Vince begins his interview by describing his interest in science and medicine generally, his graduate research, and how he came to be professor at the University of Minnesota in the College of Pharmacy. In ...

Interview with Lynda Ellis

Ellis, Lynda; Tobbell, Dominique (University of Minnesota, 2014-10-21)
Lynda Ellis begins by discussing her educational background and her arrival at the University of Minnesota. She describes her first years in the Division of Health Computer Sciences, the atmosphere of the Department of ...