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Miscellaneous Publications  [456]

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Keep Your Woods Healthy for Tomorrow: A Tool to Assess Risk in Minnesota's Changing Climate

University of Minnesota Extension (University of Minnesota Extension, 2020)
Maintaining a healthy woodland is getting harder and harder. In today’s world, there are an increasing number of stresses on woodlands, including climate change. This document is for private woodland owners in Minnesota ...

A Planning Guide for Marketing Extension Progorams

Liepold, Michael J. (University of Minnesota, Minnesota Extension Service, 1991-07)

Community tourism development. A publication of the U of M Tourism Center.3rd edition

Vitcenda (Editor), Mary E.; University of Minnesota, Extension Service; University of Minnesota, Tourism Center; Molstad, John A. (University of Minnesota, Extension Service, 2010)

Master Gardener Horticulture for the Home and Garden Hort 1003

Weisenhorn, Julie (Editor); Minnesota Master Gardener Program; University of Minnesota, Extension Service (University of Minnesota, Extension Service, 2008)

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