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Miscellaneous Publications  [413]

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Harvesting and handling the 1979 crop under unusual fall conditions: a special report to Minnesota crop growers, September 7, 1979

Seeley, Mark W.; Hicks, D.R.; Strand, Oliver E.; Hardman, L.L.; Martin, Neal P.; Smith, Larry H.; Bauder, Jim; Fruin, Jerry; Benson, Fred (University of Minnesota, Agricultural Extension Service., 1979-09-07)

Dairy farm diagnostics, presented by R.D. Appleman, Extension Animal Scientist, Dairy Management, University of Minnesota.

Appleman, Robert D.; Conlin, B.J.; Linn, James G.; Mudge, J.W.; Reneau, Jeffrey K.; Steuernagel, G.R.; Farnsworth, Ralph; Fuller, Earl (University of Minnesota, Extension Service., 1985-09)

Low-cost conservation practices.

University of Minnesota, Extension Service.; United States Dept. of Agriculture (University of Minnesota, Extension Service., 2001)
This brochure highlights low-cost conservation practices that are made even more affordable through government incentive and cost-share payment programs. Incentive payments are provided to the agricultural producer to ...

Is my barn eco-friendly?

Gilkerson, Betsy (University of Minnesota, Extension Service., 2006)

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