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Organic Agriculture  [4]

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University of Minnesota scholarship about Organic Agriculture.

Recently Added

Risk Management Guide for Organic Producers

Moncada, Kristine M.; Sheaffer, Craig C. (University of Minnesota, 2010)
In this publication, we focus on production risks for crops that include cultural practices, variety selection, and management of pests and diseases. This publication will help growers who are contemplating adopting organic ...

Organic Certification of Vegetable Operations

Riddle, Jim (2009-01-27)
All farms and ranches, including vegetable growers, who sell over $5000/year of organic products, must be certified in order to sell their products as “organic.” Land used for the production of organic vegetables must not ...

Organic Production in High Tunnels

Nennich, Terrance T. (2009-01-27)
High Tunnels have several production characteristics that make them ideal for organic growing of vegetables and fruits. Plants grown in high tunnels are protected from rain, and constant wet foliage caused by dew, which ...

Minnesota Guide to Organic Certification

Riddle, Jim; Gulbranson, Lisa (2009-01-27)