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Effects of native prairie forbs on the foraging choices and recruitment behavior of honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Carr-Markell, Morgan (2020-08)
Recent increases in honey bee colony mortality have prompted many organizations to plant flowers to improve bee nutrition. However, there remain questions about which flower species to plant and how best to plant them. ...

Economic Recession and Women's Choice of Dress: Experimental Evidence

Chae, Yoori (2018-08)
This study aimed to examine the effects of economic recession on women’s choice of dress by experimentally manipulating perceived economic conditions. Based on life history theory and previous empirical studies, the ...

Effects of a Rogue Star on Earth's Climate

Chandramouli, Harini (2020-08)
The details of the way in which the Earth orbits the Sun can have profound effects on Earth’s climate. Elements such as the Earth’s tilt or how tight the orbit is can affect temperature distribution or glacial formation. ...

Fruit Crispness Retention of ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple and its Progeny

Chang, HsuehYuan (2020-07)
Crispness retention is a unique postharvest trait that ‘Honeycrisp’ apple possesses. With adequate temperature and moisture conditions, ‘Honeycrisp’ fruit retain their highly crisp texture during long-term storage. This ...

Circuit Techniques For Efficient Integrated Power Management In Standard CMOS

Chaubey, Saurabh (2018-08)
DC-DC voltage conversion is the heart of integrated power management. It involves conversion of a voltage level from a source (usually higher) to a different voltage level required by a load (usually lower than the source). ...