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Crashing the Party: Catalogers as Digital Librarians
DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine (Emerald, 2004)

Crashing the Party: Catalogers as Digital Librarians

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Catalog librarians have been slow to take an active role in the development and execution of digital library projects. Catalogers have a unique combination of experience and skills that would be valuable in the digital library world. Catalogers are encouraged to take the initiative to overcome stereotypes and their own fears in order to become active partners and collaborators. Suggestions are given for initial steps to take in order to move into the digital library arena.

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DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine. "Crashing the Party: Catalogers as Digital Librarians." OCLC Systems and Services: International Digital Library Perspectives 20:4 (2004): 145-147

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DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine. (2004). Crashing the Party: Catalogers as Digital Librarians. Emerald. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

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