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Neutrino Frontiers 2008  [22]

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<p>The workshop on Neutrino Frontiers, held October 23-26, 2008, brought together both theorists and experimentalists with a wide range of expertise to discuss the current status of research on properties of neutrinos, their effects on cosmological and astrophysical processes, and the interplay between theory and ongoing and future experiments.</p> <p>Topics covered include:<br> - Current understanding of neutrino properties<br> - CMB, large-scale structure, and neutrino mass<br> - Big bang nucleosynthesis and neutrinos - Leptogenesis - Neutrino processes in supernovae<br> - Astrophysical neutrinos and their detection<br> - Neutrino oscillation experiments<br> - Neutrinoless double beta-decay experiments<br> - Next generation of neutrino detectors<br> <p>This workshop was sponsored by the <a href="">Fine Theoretical Physics Institute</a> <> and the <a href="">Cosmology Group <></a> in the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota.<br> </p> <p>Scientific Organizing Committee: <br> Prisca Cushman<br> Keith Olive<br> Marco Peloso<br> Yong Qian<br> Liliya Williams<br> </p>

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