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Dr. Roger E.A. Arndt  [8]

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Viscous effects in tip vortex cavitation and nucleation

Arndt, Roger E.A.; Maines, Brant H. (1994)
This paper is concerned with the physics of cavitation in trailing vortices. The research was aimed at investigating the interrelated effects of the vortex structure and bubble dynamics. The experimental phase utilizes a ...

The proper orthogonal decomposition of pressure fluctuations surrounding a turbulent jet

Arndt, Roger E.A.; Long, D.F.; Glauser, M.N (Cambridge University Press, 1997)
It is shown that the pressure signal measured at the outer edge of a jet mixing layer is entirely hydrodynamic in nature and provides a good measure of the large-scale structure of the turbulent flow. Measurement of the ...

Longitudinal Motion Control of a High-Speed Supercavitation Vehicle

Arndt, Roger E.A.; Balas, Gary J.; Bokor, Jozsef; Vanek, Balint (Sage Publishing, 2006-06-15)
This article focuses on theoretical developments in modeling and control of High-Speed Supercavitating Vehicles (HSSV). A simplified model of longitudinal dynamics is developed for control, and a dynamic inversion based ...

Hydroturbine Cavitation

Arndt, Roger E.A. (2009-05-06)
This is an intensive, one week course on the fundamentals of cavitation and its consequences in the operation of hydropower projects. The course will cover the factors that contribute to cavitation, including turbine design, ...

Further Studies of Tip Vortex Cavitation

Arndt, Roger E.A.; Maines, Brant H. (1994-04)
Cavitation in vertical flows is an important problem. In particular, cavitation in the vortices trailing from lifting surfaces such as propellers and hydrofoils has been studied extensively in the past few years. Factors ...

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