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Boundary Organizations in Practice: Neighborhood-scale Organic Waste Management in Linden Hills, Minneapolis

Sharma, Karnamadakala Rahul (2017)
Boundary organizations play an increasingly important role in bridging the divide between science and politics or more broadly in processes of developing shared meaning among different stakeholders. In contexts where a ...

Advantages of Increasing Evaluation Capacity in Nonprofits: How Principles of Process Use Can Inform Development and Strengthen a Nonprofit’s Position in its External Landscape

Matsumoto, Carley (2018)
Within this paper I explore how process use, or the intentional engagement of stakeholders in the creation and implementation of an evaluation, can increase an organization’s capacity for evaluative inquiry. Here, I share ...

Planning for a Sustainable Future: Inver Grove Heights Efficient City Fleet

Hillstrom, Ally (2018)
The objective of this paper is to identify actions the City of Inver Grove Heights can take to increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicle fleet, reduce fleet management costs, and reduce fleet emissions. This paper ...

Market Policy Landscape for Energy Efficient Homes

Hanson, Aaron (2017)
Affordable energy efficient building techniques and technologies are available for single family homes and market surveys suggest consumer desire for energy efficient homes is prevalent, but demand remains low and potential ...

Climate Change Adaptation policies in Himalayan Region of Nepal. Comparative analysis of INDCs between Nepal, India, and Peru

Gurung, Tashi, Wongdi (2017)
The Himalayas are also known as the third pole as they comprise the third largest amount of snow on the earth after the Arctic and Antarctica. They are also known as The Water Towers of Asia. With global climate change, ...