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Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy: Plan A and Plan B Papers  [42]

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A Changing Climate on Minnesota’s North Shore: Identifying Values, Concerns, & Actions for the Protection & Restoration of Water

Rutledge, Annamarie (2019-12)
Community resilience along Minnesota’s North Shore depends upon freshwater ecosystems and the services they provide. Climate change threatens many ecosystem benefits and there is uncertainty regarding how water resources ...

The Persistence of Residential Energy Insecurity in Manufactured Housing of Minnesota: A Grounded Theory Study of the Social, Policy, and Structural Dimensions

Matter, Kathleen J (2016-05-11)
In the United States, residents of manufactured homes built before 2000 have, on average, an energy burden range that is double that of residents for all other housing types built before 2000 (7.15% - 8.94% compared to ...

Behind-the-Meter Battery Energy Storage in Minnesota Assessment of Value, Challenges, and Policy Opportunities

Venning, Alexander (2019-05)
The conversion and storage of electrical energy as mechanical or electrochemical potential is often said to be a game-changing technology when it comes to the modernization of the world’s electric grids. While this may be ...

The Green Neighbor Challenge: An Effort Towards Collective Climate Action

Butts, Andrew (2019-06-17)
This paper describes a yearlong effort to bring to life a web-based tool to assist any US utility customer in finding and signing up for renewable electricity through either green pricing programs or green competitive ...

Water Rate Affordability and the Impacts of Combined Sewer Overflow Systems

Schnoebelen, Lauren (2019-07-25)
The purpose of this research is to evaluate the links between water affordability and investments cities have made in developing combined sewer overflow systems. Customer affordability is a concern for residents as it ...

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