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The Global Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, Lecture Notes, 1964-1965

Markus, Lawrence (University of Minnesota. Institute of Technology. Department of Mathematics, 1965)

Differential Independence of Meromorphic Functions

Markus, Lawrence (University of Minnesota. School of Mathematics, 2003-01)

Hamiltonian Dynamics and Symplectic Manifolds

Markus, Lawrence (University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, School of Mathematics, 1973)

Kolmogorov nonlinear diffusion equation

Bramson, Maury (1982)
The Kolmogorov nonlinear diffusion equation, u_t=\frac{1}{2}u_{xx}+f(u), was first investigated by Kolmogorov, Petrovsky, and Piscounov in their celebrated paper in 1937. After a long pause, there has been renewed interest ...

Existence and stability of viscoelastic shock profiles

Barker, Blake; Lewicka, Marta; Zumbrun, Kevin (2010-06-09)
We investigate existence and stability of viscoelastic shock profiles for a class of planar models including the incompressible shear case studied by Antman and Malek-Madani. We establish that the resulting equations ...