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Janice M. Jaguszewski  [7]

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IT Competence for all: Propel your staff to new heights

Unknown author (Haworth, 2008)
In 2005, the University of Minnesota Libraries charged a task force with the development of a list of core information technology (IT) skills that could be expected of all 300 staff, from technical services to reference ...

New Roles for New Times: Transforming Liaison Roles in Research Libraries

Jaguszewski, Janice; Williams, Karen (Association of Research Libraries, 2013-08)
Through interviews with administrators at five ARL libraries (Duke University, University of Guelph, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, and Purdue University), and the authors’ own ...

Usage Statistics for Electronic Journals: An Analysis of Local and Vendor Counts

Stemper, James A.; Jaguszewski, Janice M. (Routledge, 2003)
Vendor-supplied e-resource statistics are often unavailable, unreliable, or not comparable across vendors. This study compared locally-generated usage statistics to those supplied by four major publishers, and analyzed the ...

Preparing Our Librarians for the Future: Identifying and Assessing Core Competencies at the University of Minnesota Libraries

Crowe, Stephanie H.; Jaguszewski, Janice M. (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2010)
In 2007, the University of Minnesota Libraries developed and administered a self-assessment tool to all liaison librarians and archivists. The purpose of the assessment was to document the liaisons' current knowledge, ...

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