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Jerilyn R. Veldof  [9]

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Get Your Paper Written & Published: Overcome Procrastination, Remove Roadblocks, and Create a Map for Success

Veldof, Jerilyn (2014-06-26)
Overcome procrastination, remove roadblocks and create a map for successful completion of your paper. In this action oriented step-by-step article you’ll break down your writing project into manageable steps with deadlines ...

A Process Approach to Defining Services for Undergraduates

Prescott, Melissa Kalpin; Veldof, Jerilyn R. (portal: Libraries and the Academy, 2010-01)
Today's undergraduates approach research with needs and expectations that challenge traditional library services. The foundation for leading an effective response is the ability to assess undergraduate needs and translate ...

Chauffeured by the User: Usability in the Electronic Library at the University of Arizona and OCLC

Veldof, Jerilyn; Prasse, Michael J.; Mills, Victoria A. (Journal of Library Administration, 1999)
Librarians have not traditionally been the developers of information retrieval systems. However, with the growth of the World Wide Web and online knowledge management opportunities, academic librarians have begun to emerge ...

Usability Testing

Veldof, Jerilyn (Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2003)
Design a library e-learning interface that gets out of the way of your learners; ensure that the learner's full attention is on the learning, not on navigating the interface; learn how to conduct usability testing that works.

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