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Department of Curriculum and Instruction  [107]

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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is recognized within the state of Minnesota, nationally and internationally as a leader in education research and teacher preparation. The department has a long history of faculty who are both exceptional teachers, researchers, and collaborators with the public schools. It has cooperative ventures with the large and diverse school districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Students have gone on to make significant contributions in their chosen fields in the U.S. and abroad. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction, consistently ranks in the top twenty in the nation, and is part of the College of Education and Human Development.

Recently Added

Peer group facilitator professional identity development, part four of four

Arendale, David (2019)
This study focused on the student paraprofessionals who facilitated study groups for rigorous college courses. A grounded research study of these student leaders at an institution identified professional identity development ...

Peer group facilitator leader identity development, part three of four

Arendale, David (2019)
This qualitative study at the University of Minnesota investigated leader identity emergence of their study group facilitators. This was a replication of previous studies of personal and professional outcomes by these ...

Peer group facilitator vocational identity development, part two of four.

Arendale, David (2019)
Postsecondary peer assisted learning programs often cite improving academic achievement for students. This qualitative study at the University of Minnesota investigated the potential effect of serving as a student facilitator ...

Arendale, D. R. (2019). [Video]. Peer group facilitator growth overview, part one of four. Available online:

Arendale, David (2019)
My research investigates the potential contribution of the PAL experience to the emergence of the facilitator’s leader development of their identities and skills. If these developments occur as a result of the PAL experience, ...

Strengthening relationships with students: Best practice that promotes student success

Arendale, David (National Australasian PASS and Peer Learning Conference, 2019-10)
This keynote presentation explored the importance of developing supportive relationships with college students to support their academic achievement and persistence towards graduation. Rather than only creating academic ...

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