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Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach
Kumar, Arun; Tannenbaum, Allen; Balas, Gary J. (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 1996)

Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach

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Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


A novel approach for the computation of optical flow based on an L1 type minimization is presented. It is shown that the approach has inherent advantages since it does not smooth the flow-velocity across the edges and hence preserves edge information. A numerical approach based on computation of evolving curves is proposed for computing the optical flow field. Computations are carried out on a number of real image sequences in order to illustrate the theory as well as the numerical approach.

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Kumar, A., Tannenbaum, A. R., and Balas, G. J. (1996). "Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach." IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 5(4), 598-610.

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