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Drawers, Shelves, and Boxes Full of Data: Status of Analog Life Sciences Data and Solutions for the Future

Farrell, Shannon L.; Kelly, Julie; Mastel, Kristen L. (2019-06-23)

Where in Academia are ELNs? Support for Electronic Lab Notebooks at Top American Research Universities

Sayre, Franklin D; Bakker, Caitlin J.; Johnston, Lisa R; Kocher, Megan; Lafferty, Meghan; Kelly, Julia A. (2017-03)

AgEcon Search: Evolution of a Subject Repository

Eells, Linda L.; Kelly, Julia A. (2014)

Winter study of ten porcupines in Itasca State Park

Kelly, Julia A.; Nelson, Kris; Nelson, Sue (1976)
Ten porcupines were observed within the park over a period of two weeks. Generalizations and correlations were difficult to make since behavior varied greatly among individuals. Damage to trees in the area was noted. There ...